Relishing The BetSwirl Journey So Far in 2022

The crypto and blockchain industry may have been in a bearish market for the bulk of 2022’s first quarter but BetSwirl kept improving. BetSwirl kicked off in March in grand style, matching its promise of putting together a genuinely utilitarian framework. Our intentions can be caught right off the bat with the way our framework has been structured from the onset — a secure and decentralized blockchain in the Polygon network forming the foundation of our platform, real-life applications, and open-source and cross-chain compatibility.

On February 27, 2022, the Betswirl mainnet went live. We bootstrapped the bankroll of 12,000 MATIC (an equivalent of approximately $20,000 at the time). These funds were channeled towards enabling the first set of games on the platform. You have been instrumental in the successful take-off of the BetSwirl project.

This document attempts to chronicle our milestones and achievements since we attained mainnet status.

1st -15th March: Partnerships, IDOs, and Listings.
Our partnership with Polygon Studios happening on the first day of march placed a confirmatory seal on our intent with the platform. We want to build something that will revolutionize the GameFi industry. On the third day of March, we listed on GameStation; nine days later, we partnered with Archethic to strengthen our multi-chain capability and security. We listed on Zam launchpad and QuickSwap on the 15th of March.

23rd - 25th March: More Partnerships, DAO Vote, and Chainstack.
BetSwirl’s ecosystem is people-first. The partnership with InvestDex on March 23, 2022, was an attempt to ensure users of BetSwirl stay informed to maximize the platform’s benefits. On March 24, we had our first DAO vote to decide what chain we will be integrating with BetSwirl next, Avalanche or BNB Chain? Keep tabs on our social media platforms for the latest news on the deployment. We wrapped up the eventful month of March with a customer story feature on Chainstack on the 25th day.

Platform’s Success
The efforts documented in previous paragraphs have been nothing but fruitful. Here are a few KPIs to back it up.

  • 114 gamers registered on the BetSwirl platform shortly after the launch
  • 4,812 bets have been placed since achieving mainnet status
  • 13,797 $MATIC wagered so far (approximately $23,316)
  • 36,891,975 $BETS wagered also (about $7,569)
  • 5,406 $MATIC profit for players (approximately $9,142) and 8,613,758 $BETS (approximately $1,767)
  • Stable bankroll with 12,018 $MATIC (about $20,307)
  • 280 $MATIC and 558,372 $BETS in stakes dividends for distribution
  • 231 $MATIC and 412,650 $BETS in treasury contribution

We are confident that the project will take off from the moon and reach greater heights. We have much more in store to ensure we deliver on our promises.

About BetSwirl
BetSwirl is a community-driven gaming platform built on the Polygon blockchain to bring fair gambling to Ethereum-compatible blockchains. The development of BetSwirl will soon gravitate towards other blockchains; cross-chain with Avalanche is the likely next target. BetSwirl intends to create open-source and easily integrable decentralized tools and games for dApps. The team believes that these will be invaluable to building an open, transparent, and water-tight ecosystem that favors scalability. BetSwirl seeks to transform the betting industry, one bet at a time.

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