Hurray! $BETS Token Now Live on QuickSwap

4 min readMar 21, 2022


The wait is over. BetSwirl’s $BETS token is here!

For months now the BetSwirl team has been working day and night to turn the BetSwirl dream into reality. We’re glad to announce that the $BETS token is now available for the public. We chose to launch the $BETS token on the QuickSwap exchange, the best one on Polygon.

To purchase $BETS it’s here! To play and earn instantly in one of our games, it’s here!

If this is the first content you’re reading about BetSwirl, I’m sure you want to get a quick summary of what this project is all about and why you need its $BETS right now. BetSwirl is a transparent gambling platform, built for Ethereum-compatible blockchains with the purpose of rewarding DeFi gaming enthusiasts who would love to make money while enjoying what they like doing. The BetSwirl platform launched few weeks ago the firs two games: the classic Dice and the good old Coin Toss. But’s it’s just the beginign, more will come in the future :)

If you’re here, congrats! You’re at the genesis of a protocol that aims to be one of the best in his domain.

In a nutshell, you can do the following with $BETS:

  • Play all games on the BetSwirl platform with it.
  • Stake it long-term and earn a share of BetSwirl’s profits.
  • Get exclusive NFTs only purchasable with $BETS
  • Vote, make suggestions, speak out, and influence BetSwirl’s future.
  • Just hold and appreciate its deflationary mechanisms
  • Send it to your friends as a gift!

Launch KPI

  • Circulating supply at TGE: 542 079 940 $BETS
  • Market cap at TGE (with liquidity locked included): $108K
  • Token price at TGE: $0,00020
  • Liquidity value at TGE: $139 564 (locked here)
  • Bank value at TGE: $108 888 in $BETS
  • House edge: with $BETS 2.5% | with MATIC 3%


To follow the evolution of main stats around the protocol, we build a complete protocol analytics dashboard:

One of the keys of BetSwirl is transparency, so it will show you everything useful. For example, you can follow very all details around the circulating supply and market cap.

And a lot of other info:

  • Total supply
  • Burn supply
  • Bankroll evolution
  • Total gamers
  • Total bets
  • And much more…
Follow all our protocol stats on our analytics dashboard

Start playing and earning now

Coming back to today’s subject, it will interest you to know that right now, the games are ready; so are our platform and native token, $BETS. You now have everything you need to commence your BetSwirl journey at your fingertips.

Two choices:

Plus the house edge is only 2.5% using BETS! (3% for USDC and MATIC)

The 100 sided Dive game page

If you are already impressed, then it will interest you to know that we aren’t even fully started yet. From now till the end of the year and beyond, we will roll out feature after feature. We are also committed to continuously looking out for strategic, relevant partnerships that will further help BetSwirl deliver the best possible value to our community.

Best regards,

The BetSwirl Team




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