The 100 sided dice

Now that you have an idea of what BetSwirl is all about and where the project is headed, it’s time to get started with the basics. One of the key things you can do on the platform is to play games and this article shows you how to play one such game: The Dice

How does it work?

The Dice is one of the first two, among many games the BetSwirl platform will roll out in the coming months and years. While you await the launch of the other games, we would like you to start the fun with the existing games. To start enjoying the dice game, pay attention to the following steps:

  1. Go to:
  2. Choose a number from 4 to 99

The game is played with a 100 sided digital dice. The game’s goal is to guess whether the lucky number will be above your chosen number or not.

  • Example: A player called John chooses the number 82 and gets a chance to multiply his bet by 5.39

3. Set your bet amount and the token (BETS, MATIC, USDC)

  • Example: Now John chooses to bet 77 MATIC
  • The max button calculates the max amount the bank can offer. Note that this number is updated every time you change your dice number.

4. Press the Roll button to initiate the transaction with your wallet

Wait for a few seconds to see if you’ve won…

Understand the statistics and indications

Below each game, you will see indications that will help you make a good choice. These statistics and odds are automatically calculated and updated each time the chosen number changes.

  • 18% of win: 18% chance of you winning.
  • 3% house hedge: It’s the amount of the fee taken on your bet, which will be distributed to the protocol. To earn a share of this fund, stake your BETs or your LP BETS/MATIC.
  • Bank: 110595 MATIC: The amount of MATIC, BETS, or USDC in the bank fund. The fund will constantly rise to increase the max bet value.
  • Target profit: ~415.03 MATIC: What you will gain if you win the bet.
  • Max profit: 862.36 MATIC: The highest amount you can win from the bank assuming you set/choose the highest allowable number; which is 99.

Things to Note

A question you might already have in mind at this point is: “Why is 4 the minimum number on the dice?”

As we have a house hedge of 3%, the minimum dice number that will allow you to stand the chance of making a profit is 4.

What is the dice payout formula?

payout = ((bet amount * 100) / (100 - cap)) - house edge

How is randomness handled?

As previously emphasized, fairness is in our DNA. By using Chainlink, we have the most trustful, and trusted oracle in the market. An oracle is a smart contract that makes it possible and easy to automatically introduce data from the outside world into the blockchain. In the case of gaming platforms, an oracle is needed to bring on-chain random numbers, which can’t be generated on the blockchain as everything is predictable there. We are leveraging ChainLink’s VRF.

If you have any questions, contact us through our Telegram group.

The BetSwirl Team



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