BetSwirl Joins the Party and Here’s What You Should Know

From the earliest of times to the present era, one of the major problems of the gambling world has been transparency. While several attempts have been made before now to fix this challenge, sadly, it still persists. Fair enough, things got better when blockchain-powered decentralized finance became a thing. But is there room for improvements? Yes! And that’s where BetSwirl comes in.

One milestone at a time, BetSwirl is set to become the total package in the world of decentralized gaming. To achieve this lofty ambition, a completely fair-play system, truly decentralized gaming protocol, a highly secure platform, and a deeply immersive gaming experience, are some of the visionary elements BetSwirl boldly brings to the industry.

Features Currently Available

Built on the Polygon network, BetSwirl wants its users to spend the absolute minimum on gas fees for transactions within and related to the platform. And with a referral earning system already in place, users can expect to make money from BetSwirl through means other than wins from bets.

Readily available on the platform following mainnet launch will be two interesting games: the Dice Game and Coin Toss. For the Dice game, players choose a random number then guess whether the winning number will be higher or lower than their choice. The Coin Toss is the same as the good old classic coin toss we’ve all known from time immemorial. Players guess whether it’s going to be a head or a tail. The big difference here is the fairness of the system and of course, the highly alluring user interface players will enjoy following complete launch.

Dice game interface

Atypical of many blockchain casinos, BetSwirl users can place bets using both $BETS, which is the project’s native deflationary token that has already demonstrated multiple use cases, and other popular coins such as MATIC and USDC. The number of coins allowable will ideally increase in the coming months as BetSwirl is flexible, multichain, and expansion-oriented.

From the team to advisors, players, and holders of $BETS, the expansion mentioned in the paragraph above is programmed for everyone. For instance, BetSwirl has a staking feature that is designed to share profits with community members in addition to incentives and bonuses on the side. All of these and more can be observed by every user through a protocol analytics dashboard.

What You Can Expect

Throughout 2022, BetSwirl will roll out feature after feature, game after game, and even special perks all in a bid to ensure users get the most utility from the system. Players might as well expect BetSwirl to go all DAO pretty soon as the team behind the project believes true decentralization of the blockchain casino industry will be more complete if every user gets a say in the leadership of projects.

But there’s even more. As you probably already know, we’re in the dawn of the metaverse and BetSwirl is already leaning in that direction. Even before mainnet launch which will be this February, plans are already in place to spice the BetSwirl ecosystem with a touch of the nascent metaverse technology.

Perhaps a very interesting advantage that’s not so obvious is that the BetSwirl team is made up of highly proactive individuals. Working day and night to secure partnerships, a few already in the bag, one can only imagine what fortune and good times lie ahead of everyone in the BetSwirl ecosystem. It is a known fact that with each new partnership comes new opportunities and utilities which out community members will benefit from.

How You Can Prepare

While the OGs of online decentralized gaming already probably know what to do by now, newcomers may want to know the following:

  • Get some $BETS as soon as the presale starts. This is for obvious reasons. First of all, it’s the currency you’ll need to place bets on the BetSwirl platform. But then, as an early holder of $BETS which is a deflationary token, you’re probably going to be smiling a lot when it pumps up.
  • Join the official BetSwirl Telegram channel and follow on Twitter to stay informed about developments within the project.
  • And keep an eye on this space for important articles that will be published in the coming days, particularly the ones that explain the games available on BetSwirl; nitty-gritty of existing and future features, and lots more.

The BetSwirl Team




Online cryptocurrency gaming platform, fully decentralized and anonymous, where everyone enjoys a fair play.

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Online cryptocurrency gaming platform, fully decentralized and anonymous, where everyone enjoys a fair play.

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