Embrace the Thrill of Web3 Russian Roulette

3 min readApr 4, 2023

The Ultimate PvP Gambling Game for DeFi Enthusiasts


Get ready for an exhilarating experience with the introduction of Russian Roulette, the newest on-chain PvP gambling game that’s taking the Web3 industry by storm.

This innovative game offers a unique way for players to gamble against each other, with the luckiest survivors sharing the prize.

Experience the excitement of Russian Roulette and achieve impressive ROI% while organizing fun gambling activities.

How It Works

Russian Roulette offers a simple yet engaging gameplay experience. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how it works:

  • Game Creation: A Russian Roulette Host creates a game and sets parameters such as the maximum number of players, buy-in, and the number of bullets.
  • Joining the Game: Other users can join the game and test their luck against fellow participants.
  • Game Start: The game starts when all player slots are filled or when the resolution time arrives.
  • Resolution: At the resolution time, Chainlink VRF, a verifiable random function, determines the players that get killed and who will share the total prize.

Incentivizing Hosts

To encourage game creation, 50% of the total house edge is allocated to the Russian Roulette Host.

Let’s assume a 7% house edge. This would mean that if the host gathers 29 players in a game, they would be freerolling (0.93 $AVAX EV for every 1 $AVAX of buy-in). The host could achieve ROI percentages up to 250% if they manage to host a game with 100 players.

Customizable Game Settings

Users can either buy into existing Russian Roulette games or create their own games with their preferred settings (buy-in, number of players, resolution time) and gamble against friends or the public.

BetSwirl’s Web3 Russian Roulette

As the first-ever web3 Russian Roulette game, BetSwirl offers a fun PvP gambling experience that engages communities. With provably fair randomness powered by Chainlink VRF, real-time entertaining community events, and a variety of user categories, BetSwirl’s Russian Roulette is set to revolutionize the Web3 gaming space.

User Categories and Benefits

  • As a Gambler: Gamblers can enjoy a fun and engaging gameplay experience with provably fair randomness provided by Chainlink VRF. They can battle their friends, buy in multiple times, and benefit from a quick resolution.
  • As a Host: Hosts can create real-time entertaining community events, configure game variables, and get half of the house edge for each user’s buy-in as a reward. Bringing in more players secures profits and allows for freerolling from 29 players. Hosts can also request token whitelisting.
  • BETS stakers receive 20% of the house edge and can create/join BETS’ Russian Roulettes with a lower house edge.
  • As a Protocol: The game serves as an entertaining utility for its native token and can be used to organize real-time community events

These are some of the main fundamentals of our Game to make it as rewarding and enjoyable as possible for crypto gamblers.

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