BetSwirl Launches on Avalanche, Giving Players Instant Bet Resolution

4 min readJun 18, 2022

Avalanche is the fastest smart contracts platform in the blockchain industry, as measured by time-to-finality.

Earlier in May, we announced our new suite of B2B services offering to our first customers and our white-labeled solution, plus a lot of features and promises for our devoted champions of the BetSwirl community.

Today, we’re glad to let you know that we are fulfilling another promise we made several weeks ago. BetSwirl has fully gone live on the Avalanche mainnet in fulfillment of our promise to be a fair multi-chain online DeFi gaming platform.

Right now, you can access and participate in the BetSwirl program of activities, games, bets, and events through more than one means. But what does this entail? Why must you get on board right now? What are the implications of this innovative step BetSwirl just took?

Fast Scaling

One of the most obvious effects of deployment on Avalanche is that our project will allow more people to participate. As you probably already know, Avalanche is one of the most popular networks, has the most validators securing its activity of any proof-of-stake protocol, is blazingly fast, low cost, and green.

This is resulting in a better Player Experience, as the bet resolution is now almost instant!

Start Betting

Beyond deployment on Avalanche, we have taken proactive steps to ensure that betting can quickly commence. In other words, 350 AVAX (~5.5k$) and 150MM BETS (~12k$) have been quickly put up so that the Dice can get rolling.

Therefore, players would be able to win a profit of up to 7 AVAX (110$) and 3M BETS (250$).

Moreover, you can very easily toggle between Polygon, BNB Smart Chain, and Avalanche from the top right corner of the dApp. As you can imagine, you’ll be able to bet with MATIC if you choose Polygon, BNB if you choose BNB Smart Chain and AVAX for Avalanche. But then, irrespective of the network you choose to play these games with, you will always have the option of betting with $BETS.

More Good News

As we’ve previously communicated, BetSwirl likes to improve all aspects of the project concurrently even while trying out new solutions. For instance, we are one of the first protocols operating Chainlink VRF v2 and Keepers on Avalanche which’s a key aspect of our decentralization. But that’s not all, here’re the games that we’ll release this quarter…

Fruit Party slot


Avalanche liquidity

For security reasons, we’ve bootstrapped the BETS-AVAX liquidity pair on TraderJoe, for now with a small amount of liquidity, but we plan to add more once the games start generating revenue.

You could buy $BETS already on PancakeSwap or QuickSwap, and bridge it to Avalanche using Multichain.

About BetSwirl

BetSwirl is a multi-chain DeFi gaming platform that seeks to bring true decentralization to the online gaming industry. It leverages Polygon’s, BNB Smart Chain’s, and Avalanche’s growing popularity with a minimal gas fee, to create dynamic experiences that rival existing norms in the industry. Led by a public team, the BetSwirl project prides itself in a futuristic approach to ecosystem development. Beyond the usual offers of everyday betting platforms, BetSwirl is already laying the foundations of a metaverse-inclined ecosystem. Together with ongoing efforts to accommodate more blockchain protocols, chains, and tokens, BetSwirl is positioning itself for the future.


🎲 Play now with your BETS, AVAX on Avalanche, MATIC on Polygon, and BNB on BNB Smart Chain.

💸 Refer players to get up to 20% of each bet’s house edge with the multi-level Referral Program.

🏦 Review key protocols metrics and indicators on the Analytics dashboard (token distribution, bankroll, games…).

🥇 Check the scores of those who are doing best in the game on the Leaderboard.

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